A few months back, teachers at Vidyavardhaka school in Mysore called me to gain some knowledge on climate change and renewable energy technologies. Their intention was to participate in a national level science project. I suggested them various simple things such as a simple biodiesel project, a carbon sequestration calculation project, a school level tree nursery among others. However, due to the mere charm of it, they wanted to do a windmill. And so, 3 months later we have a partially working windmill:

Windmill designed using cycle wheelKids working on the windmill Testing the windmill on my bikeWindmill fixed on the terrace of the school building

The windmill was based on the design of Ted Baer. Anil and Suraj too joined in the effort to get this working. The Windmill needs to improved further and we are yet to run it at its full potential. The chain sprocket system which we used to couple the cycle wheel with the moped engine is not aligned properly and a lot of tweaking is required in the geometry of the blades as well.

Credits of this work go to: Anil, Suraj, the teachers of Vidyavardhakka, kids and the school lab assistants.