The thoughts. They seem so trivial. The things. There is no surprise anymore. The people. Too hard to understand. Why has it become so hard to write!

A decade back I knew so little. A decade later, I might again think the same about today. What I know today may not really be true after all. We live in the age of "fake news"! What really do I believe!

Lies are just alternate facts. Truth doesn't seem to be truth. Belief though is easy for most. In the alternate reality of social media, conviction is in no short supply. People of one religion are about to kill the rest, vaccines are bad and the earth is flat. What should be my version of truth!

The world still marches on, like an intelligent creature who just drank a little too much. Stumbling a step here but displaying his genius elsewhere. Hope the soberness returns. Hope I can believe in what I see again. Hope I can write easily again!