1. It gets tougher and tougher with every step you move forward, more mentally than physically. Yet, the only way you know is forward.
  2. Resources are limited and you try to conserve and optimize them to the max.
  3. It is not the goal, rather it is the path that gives the happiness.
  4. The team moves only as fast as the slowest person!
  5. For the outside world, it only matters if you reached the top. Until you reach the top, slog, slog and slog. The world doesn't care.
  6. You will never see the true height and the beauty of it unless you actually start the journey.
  7. For every few people who succeed, there are a few who failed too. Its just a fact of life.

Why I write this? For the single reason that I am now able to see the tip of the mountain in our startup venture. And I know it is still not easy reaching there. It still needs many days of slogging and a lot of mental strength. Yet, how beautiful the path seems! I just hope our resources permit our journey to the top.

The path to the top