After quitting the renewable energy I had founded several years back, I had not looked at the sector until recently. The sector seems to have come a long way from where it was when I was running my company.

RoofTop Solar

  • I found that the company where I am working at now has 500KW of solar panels installed on its terrace and the cost of solar power is cheaper than the state electricity board's price.
  • Investment for a solar project need not borne by the company that wants to draw the electricity. Instead there are project developers who work on a power purchase model.
  • Several subsidies are available for such projects and availing these seems to be a streamlined process in the recent times.
  • A friend of mine wanted to install a rooftop project and I did some calculations for him. In the process, I thought of making a calculator here.

Here is that calculator that gives a rough estimate. I will be improving this calculator and also writing more on this subject as my research progresses.


[Post updated on 18th December, 2016. Crossed out some parts]