You see that peak of the mountain over there?. Kumara Parvata is beyond that peak. Add to this the fact that this photo was taken after climbing half way. The climb never ends. And sometimes, you feel it shouldn't ever end. Because then, you wouldn't have something to look up and say "I'll reach there in some time".

The journey is hard sometimes. Five minutes of walk up the hill can feel like a lifetime. Yet, these are the moments that will stay throughout one's life. Many people break on the way and turn back. Some stick together though and reach the top.

At places like these, when you are one with nature, you begin to appreciate the importance of water when there is no water left in your bottle, of fire when you need to cook in the forest, of the sun when you have a solar torch, of wind when it is the only respite from sun.
And finally when you watch the morning sun illuminating hundreds of hills submerged in fog, you know life is beautiful.

Photos credits: Suraj Rampure.