I love food. When I had to change my house a year back, the first thing I thought about was the number of restaurants near my old home that I was going to miss. Fortunately, we live in an app-world where everything is just a tap away. Recently, I got thinking about what would immigrants in foreign countries do? You get some of the generic items like Roti, mutter paneer etc in generic Indian restaurants. But what would you do about rare to find food such as Maddur Vada? Same applies to an African person in India or a Brazilian in Russia; I guess you get the point.

Now, it is also true that there would be many people of the same origin country in those foreign lands. For example, there would be at the least a few thousand Indians in Stuttgart. And many of them would be preparing some delicacy or the other every day. So, in this app connected world, shouldn't there be a way of sharing a small portion of that food with the others in the community?

Hence, an idea for a food sharing app. Don't think of it as Uber for food. Rather think of it as "Bla Bla Car" for food. People could make some money as well.

I'm not going to do this as I do not have the time. But here is the idea explained in a better way.

Food Sharing app

After writing this post, I found that there are indeed some apps which are trying to solve this problem. I found Mutterfly which works on similar lines but is still working at a local level. I am thinking this might work better in foreign lands where the craving for home food is much more.