It was day 9, the last day of cycling during this trip. 5 high passes had been crossed, so much pain endured and so much distance traversed, the journey so far seemed quite unbelievable.

Each had our own reasons to do this trip. For me, it was just a really big dream and nothing else. For another, it was about discovering India. For many, it was about answering the question "Can I really do this?". The unventured group had set themselves bigger goals. They call it the Laddoo project. They are trying to raise funds through this cycle ride. This wall street journal article explains more about their project.

I was a bit sad on this day as there wouldn't be any cycling tomorrow. I cycled as slow as possible so that it wouldn't end soon. The landscape as usual changed all the way. From Upshi till Leh, the road goes along the river Indus. Numerous monasteries dot this way. This road also has a huge military presence and we even had Dosa at a military run restaurant at Karu. By evening, we were at Leh and it didn't feel so special. I realized, the trip was about the past 9 days; Not about reaching Leh.

Chortens Lato Leh Indus Upshi Dosa Karu Karu Leh Thiksey Monastery

9 days was not just about cycling and beautiful places. It was also about new friends, their perspectives on life and also about the happy nomadic people in the camps. For me, this trip was a lesson on happiness.