Like Mysore Santhe (I had earlier written about this here and here), GVK has proposed another superb idea called ChitraSanthe. I am reproducing much of the mail here with a few additions:

Among the ideas that emerged  in our weekly Sunday meet is a chitra santhe for amateur artists at a designated space. The idea is to provide exposure to spare-time painters, photographers and other artists to showcase their works. We can mobilise students of CAVA, art teachers and others who wish to exhibit their creations. In our weekly Sunday meetings I run into several youngsters, mostly IT professionals, who have flair for photography. They would be happy to have an opportunity to show off their photographs for anyone who cares to drop in at the Sunday chitra santhe.

There is nothing novel about the idea, and weekend artists gallery on pavements can be found in several cities in the world. I know in  London, they use the Thames Embankment on Sundays. Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco attracts  residents and visitors who appreciate art forms on weekends.

In Mysore, Chitra santhe could be developed into a Sunday pavement art gallery. And over a period, it could become an attraction for art-minded tourists. Our experience with Sunday meetings (which now attracts 20 to 25 persons on a regular basis) set us thinking about providing such a forum for amateur painters and photographers.

Among possible venue could be the grilled enclosure at the back of the Oriental Research Institute or the triangular space between  two  roads  converging into a boulevard behind Oriental Institute.

I would appreciate your reaction to this idea. If you think there is merit in this and it is 'do'-able , we could work together and make Mysore an art center of sorts.