Goa being a coastal state is hot. In every sense. The region around Dudhsagar though is cool. Again, in every sense. The 15km trail from Dudhsagar camp till Mollem junction has its share of steep, winding, muddy uphills and straight, loose-soil, fast and dangerous downhills. Our guides misguided us on the way which was still good because we got some extra riding fun. From Mollem till Bondla arch, the road goes through towns, mining areas and forests. Our map indicated that the trail from Bondla arch towards Bondla camp was an uphill, so everyone was prepared. It was not that hard though and the trail was beautiful.
Way to Bondla
I already had lunch on the way to Bondla. The tea and peanuts at Bondla camp was most welcome. There is a zoo here which was free for youth hostel members and so we went there next. After gazing into the king cobra's eyes for a few minutes, we roamed about the zoo and returned to camp in the evening at 5 PM. More tea, pakodas and dinner. The next day was going to be the last stretch.

The last day was relatively plain compared to the journey we had done till now. Same roads, same traffic and the fact that this was the last day of the trip. We had lunch on the lawn of the Archaeological museum at Old Goa. In the afternoon, I collected my certificate from youth hostel and then left to Bangalore in the 5:30PM bus. Next morning, I was back in Bangalore and back to life as usual.
Through Old Goa
This trip was a unique one. For the first time in my life,

  • I was on the road for such a long time.
  • I had used so less money for so long a time and yet enjoyed so much.
  • Breakfast was the most exciting thing in the morning and dinner the most exciting thing at night.
  • Lost track of time

Sometimes, when I am working at my office, I close my eyes and transport myself mentally to that downhill section from Bondla camp to the bottom and I can still feel the same. The speed of the wind past my face, the escape from reality, forgetting the danger involved, the experience that is hard to express.


The End.

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