The Implications of Technology

March 2, 2018

We may not have flying cars yet, but we have drones that can carry people (at least prototype versions). We may not have inhabited Mars yet but our real life Tony Stark is working hard on it. The energy problem is still not solved but we seem to be on the right path here. Communication technology advancements seem to continuously shrink the world and robotic advancements will definitely eliminate most jobs as we know now. The implications of these will affect each of us directly and hence, the question is whether we want to respond to the challenges now or do we simply react later? For example,

Every technological revolution brought with it several social consequences. While industrialization in the 19th century made several countries rich and advanced, it also created dense urban centers and created challenges such as housing, city planning etc. Therefore, it would be no surprise if the technology revolution of the 21st century brings a new set of challenges. The easily predictable ones for example are:

The challenges we face in the near future may be more unpredictable than these. If history is an indicator, one thing we can be sure is that these challenges are unavoidable. And it will touch every level: countries, corporations and individuals.

The Implications of Technology - March 2, 2018 -