Impatience causes corruption.

A bribe at most government offices surely speeds up things. And in a few cases seems like the only option available. How else could businesses that depend on timely responses from the government survive? How else could a poor man in need of timely medical treatment at a government hospital survive? Surely, bribes won’t go away that soon. But there should be a solution for most cases of corruption.
After putting myself in the victim’s position at a government office, I see at least one potential solution. Patience.
All I needed there was to get my driver’s license updated to a different residential address. As is usual, I was greeted by a few abusive officers, given wrong information with respect to the documents required, stood in the queue for 2 hours in the sun, finally to be told that I had no document to prove myself a citizen of India. Even my passport was deemed ‘not good enough’. I shouldn’t have expected anything better but I couldn’t resist my instinctive bad temper and quarrelled. The day was a waste.
I didn’t discuss this with anyone till now. What is the point in discussing when that is what we do all the time. I just let it boil inside me till I got the job done.
The second time I went, I had everything they told was missing the first time. Although, my effort as a result was 2X, the job was done without a bribe. Rs.500 would have saved me all that trouble though. In fact, I was recommended this option before my first attempt.
And that told me something. A lot of bribes can be avoided if we are patient enough. My friend summarized this that a few years of our life is probably spent gathering the right documents. That makes us lose our patience and pay bribes. But we should remember that we spend an equally good part of our life in worse places like traffic jams.
So, that’s my answer to this problem of mine. Patience. Until I find a case where another solution too exists.

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