I am not responsible for the world I am in..

As evil as it may seem to some, I now believe in that statement. It does not mean that I would put an atom bomb or something on a city. It just means that I don’t have to feel guilty for not sacrificing my life for the good of others in this world.

I once believed that working for ‘someone else (like a large company)’ was not good for me. I would often ask ‘What am I doing with my life wasting all my energy for the sake of another company?’. I’d think ‘Couldn’t I do something useful and improve this world rather than just doing work which someone else tells me to do?’. Then, I tried to live my dreams, started a company with friends and did some things I believed were good for this world.

The challenges in doing good are immensely large and I have already written a lot about this in those entrepreneurial days. It was not easy. Realism overcame my idealism. I stopped, reset myself and went back to where I was working before.

I felt guilty for a long time for quitting something which I thought was the only right thing. But this served as a lesson and now I have realized. There is only one thing which I have control on. It is, the work I do and I will do it well. I do not have any control on its result.

If the world is doomed for disaster because of humans’ utter disregard for its environment, so be it. I will plant a few trees though, every year, not to prevent the earth from doom but just because I feel it is right to do so.

If my country is sinking in corruption, then so be it. I will still not pay any bribes though, not to uplift my country but just because it would hurt my conscience.

And with this realization of reality, I now love my work as well. All I now have to think is whether I am enjoying the work I do and the answer is ‘Yes’. Since I have no need to think about the usefulness of my work to this world, I am relieved of a great burden.

In the end,

The words are not good for the secret meaning, everything always becomes a bit different, as soon as it is put into words, gets distorted a bit, a bit silly…. what is one man’s treasure and wisdom always sounds like foolishness to another person.

Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha

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