2009 2010 change

Wish you a year of change and a great decade ahead!

Replace change with happiness. In my experience, change means happiness. Some of the major changes I did to me in the past 2 years:

  • Planted more than 500 trees with the help of a lot of well-wishers (and had to stop doing this too!).
  • Started a business with 2 friends and failed in that (learnt a lot of lessons in the process).
  • Started another business with same friends and seeing a lot of hope in this (understood the importance of persistence).
  • Started networking with people (something in which I was really bad at).
  • Started teaching occasionally at a school to 7th standard kids (learning that education systems really need reforms).
  • Started blogging.

Each one of them has been a life changing experience. Each one of them was a really tough thing to start. Change is always like that. I hope this year would bring more such changes; to me and to you. I’d really want more people to come out of their comfort levels and make a change to themselves and in the process, to the world too.

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